Philosophy and Culture

Although we have grown from a one-woman, one-store operation to over 155 stores with over 400 employees, there are a few things that haven’t changed. We have always sought family-oriented staff that love helping others and working as a team. An iMS associate isn’t there to sell a mattress, but rather work with you to find a solution to meet your needs through our rigorous and continued training, as well as a genuine desire to help our customers sleep better and live a more productive, happy and healthy life.

We believe that excited and engaged employees give our company it’s pulse and vitality, and make time to get together for annual retreats and activities like Kings Island, Keeneland Horse Racing, baseball games, Christmas parties, summer cookouts, and more. These are special times when people from all over the company can bring their families together, strengthening old relationships and kindling new ones.

Even though we have lots of fun together, we know when it’s time to get our game faces on. Our owner–Kim Knopf–has always had a hunger to win, even as a high-school state basketball champion, and knows that it takes teamwork and a can-do attitude to get the ‘W’. That’s why we recruit employees throughout the organization who are motivated to give their all every day, and take pride in being world-class athletes in our industry.

Our retail sales managers are given latitude to call many of the shots in their store, being challenged always to think of themselves as the owner of that location. This entrepreneurial spirit can be felt at all levels of iMS, and empowers our employees to make quick decisions to continually maximize our effectiveness. We hire and promote individuals that not only display a high moral standard, customer-centric mindset, and passion for success, but also have the ability to learn from the yesterdays and make the tomorrows even better.